How you can become a signal through the noise.

Picture of a lighthouse in the dark.
Picture of a lighthouse in the dark.
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I think of my early days of providing content. Perhaps you can think of yours too. We are focused on getting the message out, showing up every day, and providing a high quantity of content.

As we develop an audience, all parties mature. We find ourselves in a difficult position and some of our ideas seem shallow and repetitive.

It’s noise. Everyone is talking about the same thing and no one is asking real questions. Noise is the repetition of surface-level ideas. To become a leader in our spaces, we have…

Stop spending hours on content that doesn’t work.

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Creators add value to their audiences through content. It’s not easy, often depending on moments of inspiration and consistency. It’s a mix of planning and developing a fine sense of what’s trending and what is resonating with people.

All creators experience moments of success and failure. They spend hours developing an idea, outline, research and putting it to paper. Sometimes it kicks off or it falls flat. It’s the curse of the creator. You can have a good idea, but ideas fail all the time.

Learn to capture audiences to promote your message, brand, and creations

A huge crowd of people.
A huge crowd of people.
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Your opening line carries weight; a first impression, a promise to your readers that the time they invest in your work will be worth it and valuable.

Writing your opening line is daunting and you either feel stressed about it or you ignore it — at risk of losing your audience because of a mediocre line.

I studied hundreds of creative works and developed a database built on Notion containing 230+ of the best. Many vary in technique and style and offer unique lessons we can learn from. …

For your next campaign, project, or innovation

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The famous historian, Thomas Carlyle, once said, “The idea is in thyself.” Great ideas already exist in us. The trick is creating a repeatable process that can bring them out.

In my search of finding great methods to generate ideas consistently, I asked creators, marketers, business owners, and builders what worked for them.

Almost all centered around four themes.

How to Think on Your Feet and Win at Life

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It’s time for a road trip.

You’ve been dying to go and you have dozens of saved pictures of all the views, restaurants, and tourist spots you want to experience.

You’ve invested a lot into the trip through reservations and other expenses.

You get on the road and five minutes later your engine stops. You try to start the transmission but to no avail.

Now what?

Things We Can Learn From Timeless Characters Created by Diverse Voices

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Once, I heard somewhere that non-fiction gives you knowledge, experience gives you wisdom, and fiction helps us navigate the human condition. A well-read leader knows the value of all written works and the importance of diverse forms of content. We become better at creating something out of nothing, empathizing with others, and building a lasting legacy.

Recently, I read a list of “Great Books” that focused on classical works like novels, philosophies, and histories. It was a great selection, and I added many of them to my list for…

How to Navigate Our Thought Life In the Face of Global Events

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The recent events that happened in D.C. have put many of us on edge. Seeing rioters storm the US Capitol is an affront to democracies all over the world. It’s a sad day to see, especially viewing the Confederate flag in the Capitol, an achievement that never happened during the Civil War.

If you scroll through Twitter, everyone has something to say. There are frustrations, anger, and emotions that you can’t escape from. Even if you curate your feed, the outrage has pierced through every industry and community circle. And rightly so.

It’s a New You and a New Year. And I’m Your Biggest Fan

Photo by Doran Erickson on Unsplash

We’ve all had unique experiences in 2020. Whether we had to introduce new habits or we experienced a loss, it’s a year that has changed our future.

Many took advantage of 2020 and grew their skills or started businesses. Others had a hard time getting by. Either way, we’ve all gone through this together and now we enter a new chapter.

One good thing about 2020 is that we started it as a year of vision, reminding us of 20/20 eyesight. And it was. Only a different…

Simplify your life by creating a better lifestyle.

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During COVID-19, we have had no choice but to experience a more solitary lifestyle. It has been a challenge, considering many of us have increased in depression and anxiety.

Distancing ourselves from others can have negative long-term effects. But not all distancing is bad. It’s important to use this time to take advantage of solitude for our benefit.

Solitude gives us the ability to reflect on our lives, find purpose, and develop a healthy lifestyle.

After watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix, it was shocking to learn how the addiction to technology and platforms can ruin lives.

In one…

Why we need to treat our data privacy seriously.

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

As the pandemic, U.S. election, and protests have dominated our newsfeeds, Tik Tok has found its way into our morning news.

Their vulnerability with the Chinese Communist government has long been a subject for data and privacy concerns. To keep suspicions at bay, they hired a USA CEO and kept their data away from China. This distanced themselves from the country but they couldn’t escape judgment.

While there are different positions on the political spectrum, the concerns are valid. If China, for any reason, wants access to that data, they can…

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